Wayne Parker
Advocate of the Year Award

Wayne Parker
Wayne Parker

Each year STEP honors the memory of Wayne Parker who was a zealous advocate for the rights of children and families. He worked tirelessly to ensure that families had the information they needed to speak up and advocate for the needs of their children with disabilities. Wayne was also a strong advocate for encouraging young people with disabilities to advocate for the life they wanted. Wayne was well respected by parents and professionals. Wayne was always quick to praise members of school teams when they went above and beyond in their advocacy efforts for students.

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Nominate Someone Today

If you know of a parent, student, or professional who has demonstrated the powerful outcomes that are possible by applying your rights in an assertive and positive manner, this is your opportunity to submit their story for recognition. Please provide a brief story, highlighting their advocacy efforts and results, along with the nominee's name and contact information. Nominations can be sent to information@tnstep.org or by fax to 423.636.8217

Nominations are received throughout the year. A recipient is chosen by end of February each year. Presentation is made at TN Disability Mega conference Awards Banquet in early June.

Spotlight on Those Who Make a Difference

For going above and beyond in striving to ensure children with disabilities have all the opportunities possible to have a full and meaningful life, we wish to recognize those whose dedication & support make a lasting difference in the lives of children and youth with disabilities.

This section of the website is made available to provide an opportunity to recognize a teacher, parent, service provider, student, or member of a disability or community agency who has made a difference for children and youth with disabilities.

Please read about Marilyn Johnson from Greene County TN, a teacher who is "Making a Difference"!

Please submit information regarding those you would like to recognize to STEP at spotlight@tnstep.org

Please answer the following questions:

  • What is the person’s name?
  • Are they a parent, teacher, service provider, community leader, disability organization representative or other? (Explain)
  • What have they done that highlights how they have “Made a Difference”?
    • Free form context is great! Write from your heart as they have served from their heart.

Please include:

  • Your name and contact information.
  • A picture of the wonderful person you are recognizing (if available and with permission).
  • Contact information for the person you are recognizing so they can be notified that they are being recognized on the STEP Web site/LMS.

Submissions will be added quarterly to the site. Thank you for helping STEP to be able to spotlight those who are Making a Difference!