Why Our Services Matter: Improving Outcomes for Tennessee Families

Luis Salazar Family

We improve the lives of families of children with disabilities by guiding them through challenges they face accessing education and community programs.

We provide services that promote working together with school staff to resolve issues often faced by children with disabilities at school such as harassment, bullying, low expectations, and social isolation.

We believe every child matters; every child should have access to an education that leads to self sufficiency, employment, and meaningful community involvement.

With our services families and schools increase expectations and provide opportunities for students with disabilities to aim for high achievement standards.

With our services families are able to be actively involved in navigating the special education process; research show that when parents are involved in their child’s education, children have better outcomes.

Our Results

STEP, Inc. Data
Oct. 1, 2015 - Sept. 30, 2016
Parents & Family Members Teachers, Service Providers, Youth & Other Professionals
In Person Training 2,233 972
Virtual Training Web, Audio, DVD 4,634 330
Calls, Letters, Emails, Text 8,640 6,184
1 on 1 - In Person Meetings 372 78
Parents reached at community events 2,990 n/a
Parents: IEP/504/Other Meetings Attended 73 n/a
Meetings to address special education issues/systemic change (In-person, phone, web) 401
Connections via Social Media 104,404
Page views on Website 51,133
Newsletters/Fact Sheets Disseminated 189,566
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