Contact Info

STEP - Greeneville, TN

712 Professional Plaza
Greeneville, TN 37745

Toll Free: (800) 280-STEP
Español: (800) 975-2919
Telephone: (423) 639-0125
FAX: (423) 636-8217
TTY/text: (423) 639-8802

STEP - Nashville, TN

955 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206

STEP - Memphis, TN

2157 Madison Ave., Ste. 204
Memphis, TN 38104

STEP Contacts

Executive Director:

Name: Karen Harrison
Phone: (423) 639-0125 ext. 11

Research, Data, and Information Coordinator:

Name: Lisa Gosnell
Phone: (423) 639-0125 ext. 12

Business and Personnel Manager:

Name: Donna Jennings
Phone: (423) 639-0125 ext. 10

Director of Communications, Learning, and Development:

Name: Gina Lynette
Phone: (423) 639-0125

Juvenile Justice and Civil Rights Liaison

Name: Derek Flake

Contact Form

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STEP Regional Contacts

East Tennessee

Director of East TN Services:

Name: Beth Smith
Phone: (423) 639-0125 ext. 17

Bilingual Community Outreach and Education Specialist:

Name: Dorca Rose Guayurpa
Phone: (423) 290-3391

Middle Tennessee

Director of Middle TN Services and Multicultural Liaison:

Name: Patricia Valladares
Phone: (615) 463-2310

Bilingual Family and Youth Mentor Education Specialist:

Name: Viviana Aureille
Phone: (615) 463-2310

Family & Youth Educator and Mentor/ Post-Secondary Transition Specialist:

Name: Joey Ellis
Phone: (615) 463-2310

West Tennessee

Director of Urban Services:

Name: Shuntea Price
Phone: (901) 726-4334

Director of Rural Services and Professional Development Specialist:

Name: Deborah Yates-McBride
Phone: (731) 225-6034