Expanding Information Available to Families...By Design

We believe that families who are informed and empowered can feel more confident as they navigate the special education process. With this in mind, the STEP website has been designed to provide a medium for providing families news and information that is timely, diverse, and relevant to issues they face each day.

The STEP Website/LMS provides for an online repository of information, and articles of interest which organizations or individuals may contribute to by submitting content, as well as information provided by STEP. By inviting others to submit content we hope to:

  • Provide an opportunity for information to be shared electronically from people who do not have websites or whose sites are not designed for easily sharing current information.
  • Provide a diverse array of information on a range of disabilities, possibilities, events, and information.
  • Bring the knowledge and expertise of multiple sources to a central location to benefit Tennessee families.

If you are interested in learning more about how to submit content for consideration on STEP’s Web site/LMS, please read the Content Submission Guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

We look forward to hearing from you—both through content submission and through your feedback. Let us know how useful and relevant the information available through the STEP site is to in your journey. Our goal is that both parents and family members of children with disabilities and the school personnel who work with families and children will find information to enhance their ability to improve educational outcomes for children.

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