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Diving Into the School Year: Administrative Delays in Services: Update

Recently, an article was published on administrative delays in services. Shortly after research for that article was completed, the Office for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services issued a letter answering questions on a similar issue.  This particular letter answered the question of whether schools are allowed to create policies that delay the start of related services past the beginning of the school year.  

OSERS answered by stating that "on a case-by-case basis, the IEP Team may determine that the individual needs of the child require that the start date of a related services should occur the first week of school or after the beginning of a school year.  Therefore, a policy that mandates that related services for all children with disabilities will begin at a specific time after the beginning of the school year (e.g., the third week of the school year) would not be consistent with the IDEA."

More information available through this article written by Jen Runge.  Administrative Delay Article

Click here  for the OSERS policy letter.   

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