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Resource for Parents of Nonverbal Children

Eyedentity Label is an easy application temporary tattoo that is custom made to protect children, the mentally impaired, senior citizens or anyone who may require assistance with recall on emergency data.  Healthcare workers have also found Eyedentity Label to be especially helpful for the Alzheimer's community, non-speaking Autism children and for individuals with serious food allergies. 


Consider Eyedentity Label for: Busy Airport Travel• Trips To Crowded Theme Parks• Trips To The Mall, Sporting Events, Or The Zoo• School Trips Involving Many Children• Vacation Travel • When English is a Second Language


Extreme medical needs:  Food Allergies, such as wheat, nuts and dairy• Medical Allergies, such as Penicillin and Sulfa drugs• Seizure sufferers or epileptics requiring medication• Individuals requiring use of an Epipen• Non-speaking diabetics prone to low blood sugar and insulin shock• When English is a Second Language


Can be worn under clothing and placed out of plain sight if ordered with a name• Easy to apply• Waterproof• Long lasting - up to 7 days• Easy to remove• Not harmful to the skin


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