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The Best Way to Help Doctors Understand Learning Disabilities (LD)

Explore the LD Navigator:

A Free, Comprehensive Resource Guide About Learning Disabilities for Pediatric Healthcare Professionals

From classroom observation to individual student interactions, as an educator, you are often on the frontlines of alerting parents to a child’s potential learning disability (LD). Parents, then, often turn to pediatric healthcare professionals, who have long lacked an easily accessible, reliable and up-to-date resource about LD and related issues.

That’s why the National Center for Learning Disabilities, in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, has developed the LD Navigator—a free, comprehensive resource guide for pediatric healthcare professionals.

From identification to diagnosis to discussion with parents, the LD Navigator’s evidence-based tools and information will guide pediatric healthcare professionals step by step.

Help ensure that your students’ medical providers (doctors, nurses and others) have the information they need about LD. Share the LD Navigator with them, and encourage your students’ parents to do so as well.

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