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STEP's Transition Guides to Adulthood

Did you know that you can access all 10 of STEP's Transition to Adulthood Guides on our Website?

The titles are:

  • Self Advocacy: Empowering Students to Request Assistance & Support
  • Self Directed IEPs: Take a Leadership Role and Guide Your Own Future
  • Further Education: College & Post-High School Educational Opportunities for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • College: So Now You’re a Freshman: Self Advocacy on a College Campus
  • Job Seeking: All Eyes on Me: How to Build a Great Resume and Have an Awesome Interview
  • Employment: Take this Job & Keep It! Making a Good First Impression in the Workplace
  • Dropout Prevention: Engaging Students in Planning for the Future
  • Parent’s Role: How Parents Can Support Their Young Adult During Transition
  • Community: Everybody Knows My Name in My Community
  • Supported Decision Making: Getting Help with Choices (new in 2017)

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