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STEP Ahead Newsletter Spring Edition

Spring Edition 2018

From the Desk of the Executive Director

Spring is in the air--finally! There are so many decisions to be made now that the weather is warming up. You may be thinking about what flowers to plant, where to head on vacation, or a new book you want to read as you relax on the deck in the afternoon sunshine. I am making decisions about my first ever trip to Europe and the wisdom of touring Rome on the back of a Vespa! I will keep you posted on how that turns out.

As parents and caregivers of children and youth with disabilities, it seems that the number of decisions to be made are endless. In this edition of the STEP Ahead newsletter, we are going to focus our information on three areas where parents and young people have lots of decisions to make.

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP) planning for goals and objective to lead to good outcomes;
  • Graduation options and decisions about college, career, and independent living after high school; and
  • Making informed choices

In reality, these areas are not separate but linked. Each decision made at an IEP meeting impacts the life outcomes of the student with a disability. In turn, the life outcomes of each child and young person with a disability is shaped by the choices and decisions that are made. We will explore current information and recent developments related to:

  • How the 2017 Supreme Court decision impacts IEP’s
  • A new diploma option in TN: The Alternate Academic Diploma
  • Recent legislation in Tennessee regarding Supported Decision Making

After reading this information you may have some decisions to make. How will you use it? How can we help? The STEP team is available to provide training, information, and special education assistance!

Happy Spring!

Karen Harrison

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