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The Tennessee Treasury Department recently announced changes made to the ABLE TN Savings Program

The Tennessee Treasury Department recently announced changes made to the ABLE TN Savings Program.

Achieving a Better Life Experience Tennessee (ABLE TN) is a savings program designed to help Tennessee residents with disabilities put aside money to pay for qualified expenses. These accounts provide the opportunity to save and invest with tax-free earnings to help participants maintain independence and quality of life.

Updates Include: 

  • Maximum annual contribution increased from $14,000 to $15,000
  • Account holders may now contribute income earned from employment in excess of annual contribution limit of $15,000 but the account holder cannot also participate in an employer retirement plan; and contributions cannot exceed the Federal Poverty limit (approx. $12,000). 
  • 529 Account (College Savings) may be rolled over into ABLE account 
  • ABLE TN accounts are now closed to out-of-state residents

For more information about the ABLE TN Savings Program, please visit their website here:

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