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Top 10 Myths About Learning Disabilities—Busted!

By Andrew Lee, NCLD Editorial Team
The National Center for Learning Disabilities Inc.

A few months ago, we surveyed 1,980 adults nationwide about their perceptions of learning disabilities (LD). Although many of the people surveyed were knowledgeable about LD, we still found some serious misconceptions. For example, one in five wrongly believed that LD is caused by a poor diet.

With beliefs like this floating around, we feel like it’s time to present the top 10 myths about LD and debunk them. So here they are:


Myth #1: Individuals with learning disabilities have low intelligence.

False. There is no correlation between LD and low IQ. In fact, by definition, people with LD have average or above average intelligence. Indeed, the list of accomplished individuals with LD includes Whoopi Goldberg, Anderson Cooper, Richard Branson and Tommy Hilfiger, among others. 

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