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NICHCY's website can talk!

You read it correctly, our website can talk! But why would anyone be interested in a website that can speak to them? We have a few good reasons, some practical and other silly. Many Americans struggle with text and literacy, so this feature can significantly improve accessibility for that audience. There is also a rapidly growing number of folks who access the web using mobile devices, and being able to have the web content read helps folks avoid having to struggle to read the tiny print on a mobile device. And quite frankly, the feature is just plain cool. 

NICHCY's latest blog is all about ReadSpeaker®, the new feature on our site that reads and highlights the website content!

 Below is an excerpt:

Here, at NICHCY, we try to be keep our website user friendly and accessible. Our website is easy to navigate, compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, written in plain language, and translated into Spanish. As much as those things contribute to our ability to provide information to a vast audience, there are still many web users who struggle with text. According to a 2013 study, 21% of Americans read below a 5th-grade level. So, in an effort to better serve the user who struggles with text for whatever reason, we have added a new feature--ReadSpeaker®!


Check out the blog at and visit our other NICHCY blogs at!


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