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It's LD Awareness Month!

As children’s first formal learning experience, preschool is an exciting time. But it’s also when signs of struggle with learning and attention can first become apparent. This can be as stressful for parents and educators as it is for kids—caregivers faced with a child’s learning and attention issues often report feeling isolated, confused and unsure of where to turn.

That’s where we come in. October is LD Awareness Month, and we’re working to build public knowledge of learning and attention issues. We want to make sure that parents and educators of young children are attuned to signs of struggle that could be early signs of LD, and know exactly how to take action if they notice these red flags. And perhaps most importantly, we want parents and other caregivers who are dealing with a child’s learning and attention issues to know that they are not alone—support and resources are out there.

Make sure you visit and follow NCLD on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the full slate of resources and activities we have planned to support you and help raise awareness about LD this month.

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