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NAMI Multicultural All In The Family Summit 2012



A Cultural Community Conversation: Overcoming Challenges

NAMI TN and TN STEP would like to extend this special invitation to you as part of our mission to promote culturally competent care for diverse communities in Tennessee.  Our purpose of the day is to enhance services for culturally and linguistically diverse populations. Assessing attitudes, practices, policies and procedures of administrators and service providers is a necessary, effective and a systematic way to plan for culturally competent care within an organization.  Determining the needs, preferences and satisfaction of family members/consumers is an essential aspect of this process.

Mental illnesses are medical illnesses. One in four adults experiences a mental health problem in any given year. One in 17 lives with serious, chronic illness. 


“Many people in our community are directly affected by mental illness.  “The good news is that treatment does work and recovery is possible.”  Read more.   

Nami Multicultural 2012 Summit Agenda             
NAMI Multicultural 2012 Flyer


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