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Museum: Please Touch Our Artifacts

By Kathy Matheson |  Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013  |  Updated 11:16 AM EST

At the Penn Museum in Philadelphia, blind and visually impaired students are given a chance to learn about ancient civilizations through the sense of touch.

Angel Ayala has never been a big fan of museums. Blind since birth, the high school student says the exhibits are so sight-dependent that he can't enjoy them.

But he's making an exception for the Penn Museum, an archaeology and anthropology center that offers touch tours for the blind and visually impaired. Ayala can now feel the eroded limestone of an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus and the intricate hieroglyphs on the statue of a pharaoh.

“When I touch things, it's my version of a sighted person's eyes. It tells me way more than a person describing it would ever,” Ayala said.  Click here to read more.

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