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Moving Out of State with a Persons Who Has a Developmental Disability

What happens when you move out of state and bring with you a loved one who has a developmental disability?  More often than not, you lose most, if not all, of the services that make it possible for that person to live a healthy, safe, and quality life in the community.  In most cases, there will be no funding available for group homes, personal care support, adult day training, respite, diapers, or adaptive equipment.  Although most states have home and community based waiver programs, most of these states have very long waiting lists.  It could take years before your loved one receives services.  We interviewed all 50 states about their programs for persons with developmental disabilities. 



All Fifty States Were Interviewed


We interviewed all 50 states, and asked the same 10 questions:

1)  What Programs Are Available to Assist People with Disabilities in your state?
2)  What number do you call to start getting services?
3)  Who Qualifies For Assistance?  (disability, age, and financial requirements)
4) How many people are currently waiting for services, and how many years should they expect to wait?  
5) How many people are currently receiving services?
6)  What assistance is available while you wait?
7)  Does the state offer group homes and supported living?  
8)  Are there still state owned institutions? How many people are living in institutions
9) Do you have choice in providers?    
10) What is the process to become a provider?


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