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ADHD and Anxiety: What's the Connection?

ADHD and Anxiety: What You Need to Know

At a Glance

  • Some of the challenges that come along with ADHD can make kids anxious.
  • Many kids with ADHD may have trouble managing emotions or using coping skills.
  • Some kids may have an anxiety disorder as well as ADHD.
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My Anxiety and ADHD: Hiding Behind a Perfect Veneer

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 30. I know that for some people—especially women, whose ADHD symptoms are often overlooked—an ADHD diagnosis can clear things up. When diagnosed as adults, they may look back on school with relief and think, “That’s why I was struggling.”

But for me, the ADHD diagnosis felt confusing at first. I was a straight-A student and star athlete. I’ve been successful in my professional life, too. How could I have ADHD?

Over time, though, the ADHD diagnosis has brought certain pieces of my life into perspective. I discovered something behind the perfect grades and awards—something painful. And I’d already gotten one diagnosis that was hard for me to swallow.

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ADHD in Girls: What You Need to Know

At a Glance

  • Girls often experience ADHD in different ways than boys.
  • Girls are less likely to struggle with hyperactivity, so their symptoms may go unnoticed.
  • ADHD is equally common in girls and boys, but girls are underdiagnosed.
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