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Request for Shelby County Regional SEPTA Board Nominees

SEPTA is in urgent need for nominees to the board for 2014-15 school year by May 31, 2014. Anyone interested can go to the website for information on how to apply.

Shelby County Regional Special Education PTA, a local community unit affiliated with the National and state of TN PTA’s. SEPTA is a nonprofit, 501c(3) chartered in April 2012 and are proud to be the first Regional Special Education PTA Regional Special Education PTA in the state as well as the Memphis/Delta Region. SEPTA is comprised of parents, caregivers, teachers, and others from Shelby County and the surrounding areas who believe in helping special needs populations in any way they can.

The purpose of SEPTA is to collaborate, educate, and advocate for children with special needs in our community and provide information regarding training and valuable resources.

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