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Making a Difference

Meet Sarah – She is a mother of a child who is medically fragile and has an intellectual and physical disability. They are refugees from Burma. Sarah expressed having various needs for her child including respite care for her to be able to attend English classes. Although Tennessee Disability Pathfinder staff assisted her in applying for Family Support funding to cover the cost associated with respite care, the mother declined because she preferred to take care of her daughter herself. After explaining the situation to staff at Tennessee Foreign Language Institute, they made arrangements to create a classroom in Sarah’s apartment complex for her and other Burmese women to take English classes. The family was also experiencing trouble getting the child to school because the bus driver refused to enter the apartment complex located on a steep incline. Pathfinder helped resolve this issue, too, with the help of an educational advocacy organization, STEP, Inc. (Support and Training for Exception Parents). Ultimately, the apartment complex decided to move the family to an apartment near the bus stop.

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