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It’s not too late…End the Wait!

Fund the DIDD waiting list for people with intellectual disabilities who need

home and community based waiver services (HCBS)

The Arc Tennessee is launching a Waiting List Campaign for the 2013 legislative session called “It’s Not Too Late…End the Wait!” and we need your help. We need families and self-advocates statewide to join us in spreading the word that the waiting list must be addressed – that more money must be spent on supporting people with intellectual disabilities (ID). The Waiting List is now over 7,000 people and each year only a few hundred from that list may actually begin receiving Medicaid Waiver supports and services.

Please attend one of our “It’s Not Too Late…End the Wait!” informational meetings in a town near you. Learn more about the status of the waiting list, how you can help bring attention to the needs of people on the waiting list and their families, and about other resources that may be of help to you. Each meeting will last about ninety (90) minutes and snacks will be provided. All family members welcome.

Please Join The Arc Tennessee at a “Call to Action” Meeting at a Location Near You: 
Click here to find a location near you!

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