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Work Experience Program with WorkForce Essentials, Inc.

Paid Work Experience is an ongoing activity we are able to offer utilizing the WIA grant.  In addition, the state has awarded us a special contract ($$$) to provide paid work experience opportunities to Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) eligible out of school youth. Under the new act eligible out of school youth can be between the ages of 18-24 and if they are a TANF and/or food stamp recipient they are automatically eligible for the program.

We would pay the individual for this Work Experience Program for 30 hours per week for 8 weeks at $10/hour. This means the employer would get a FREE employee for up to 8 weeks.  Of course the overall objective would be that the youth would do an excellent job while in the paid work experience activity and at the conclusion of this project the employer would hire them. However, even if employer is unable to hire at that time the youth would have experience to add to their resume and would have made a little bit of money. 

If you would be interested in being a work site or have eligible Youth to refer or if you have questions contact: Bethany Sullivan, Director, Career Services, WorkForce Essentials, Inc. at 615-452-1964 Ext. 102 or via email at

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