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Meet the 2012 Wayne Parker Advocate of the Year!

We are pleased to introduce you to Mr. Juan Cardona, the recipient of STEP’s Wayne Parker Advocate of the Year Award. He is pictured here receiving the award with his wife Anna, their daughter Jemima and STEP staff members Patricia Valladares and Joey Ellis.

Mr. Cardona was presented the Advocate of the Year award at the annual Tennessee Disability Megaconference in Nashville TN in May. Juan is the parent of Jemima, a spirited and loving daughter who has Autism. Juan attended at STEP workshop a couple of years ago and since that time has been not only used that information to help improve outcomes for Jemima, but has assisted many families on their journey to be effective advocates for their children with disabilities.

As a native Spanish speaker, his passion is to ensure that Hispanic families have information in their language. Mr. Cardona and his wife Anna have volunteered countless hours to translating materials to help families understand their rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. As the Wayne Parker recipients before him, Juan is devoted to efforts to ensure a brighter future for children with disabilities. Congratulations Juan!

You can be a part of ensuring that success stories like that of the Cardona family continue to happen. Please make a contribution to STEP today so we can expand our reach to ensure a brighter future for children with disabilities.

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