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Assessment Accommodations: Still an IEP Team Decision

Last week, Commissioner McQueen emailed directors with this important reminder. In response to feedback and questions we have been receiving, we want to address confusion about assessment accommodations.

TNReady has every accommodation feature that TCAP tests have provided in the past— as well as additional tools. No student will be denied access to an allowable accommodation that is part of his or her IEP.

Please review this chart (here), which provides examples of accommodations available on state assessments. Additional information about accommodations, as well as other resources, is located on the department’s website (here). 


Specifics for Parents to Know:

  1. Accommodations MUST be agreed to and in place and in use BEFORE the assessments begin.  An accommodation cannot be provided that has not been included in the student’s IEP.
  2. Parents may need to ask for an IEP Team Meeting to discuss accommodations.
  3. Be cautious about agreeing to remove an accommodation from the IEP unless there it is truly not needed.
  4. As always, accommodations are driven by student’s needs NOT by what any team member perceives TNReady or Easy IEP will or will not ALLOW.

STEP is working to schedule a webinar to address this topic. Stay tuned for more information.   Email TNReady questions to or contact your local STEP Team member with questions at (800) 280-7837 or Español (800) 975-2919. 

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