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Employment and Community First CHOICES Program Enrollment Open Now!

*Parts of this information were taken directly from TennCare’s website. See original posting at:*

On July 1, 2016, Tennessee started a new program for people with intellectual and other kinds of developmental disabilities. This new program is called Employment and Community First CHOICES. Services in the new program will help people become employed and live as independently as possible in the community. For people who are not ready for a job in the community, the new program offers services to help prepare for employment. There is funding to serve up to 1,700 people in the first year. This means that not everyone who wants to apply can enroll or get services right away. There will be a referral list for Employment and Community First CHOICES. To get on the referral list, you can complete a self-referral.

Filling out the self–referral for Employment and Community First does not mean you will be enrolled in the new program. You must qualify to enroll in the program. There must be room in the new program to enroll you. AND, you must be in one of the groups that can try to qualify for the new program first.

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