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We’re Hitting the Road! Join Us for #OpportunityTour

Join us as we hit the road the week of September 12th, for our annual bus tour. The tour kicks off in Washington, DC and continues across six states to celebrate the progress that we’ve made as a nation these past seven years. From rural towns to big cities, educators, schools, families, and communities share a belief that a quality education can expand opportunity and ensure our nation's fundamental promise: that with hard work and determination, each of us can fulfill our great potential.

Working together, all of us can ensure students encounter school as a safe, nurturing, joyful place to learn and grow. We can support and lift up the vital work teachers do each day. We can give every child the opportunity to succeed. That's what the Opportunity Across America Tour will highlight. That's the journey we hope you're here to follow, and help make possible.

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