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Planning for Success After High School YouTube Video Handouts

Living the American Dream presentation

Transition Tool Kit

STEP Transition Toolkit links

Dude, Where's My Transition Plan Book

Dream Building Activity Cards Information Sheet

Community Transition Guide

Dropout Prevention Transition Guide

Employment Transition Guide

College Transition Guide

Further Education Transition Guide

Job Seeking Transition Guide

Parents Role Transition Guide

Self-Advocacy Transition Guide

Self-Directed IEP Transition Guide

Transition Matters Update

Work-Based Learning: FAQ for Special Education

Transition Assessment and Goal Generator (TAGG) Overview

Transition Assessment and Goal Generator (TAGG) Sample Pages

Getting Started: Help Your Child with a Learning Disability Be More Independent with Assistive Technology (AT)

Help Your Young Adult Learn About Accessing Accommodations After High School

Making the Move to High School: Tips for Parents of Students with Developmental or Intellectual Disabilities

Transition to Adulthood: Where Do We Start?

Documents to Keep for Youth Transitioning to Adult Life

A Guide to Assessing College Readiness for Parents of College-Bound Children with Learning Disabilities or AD/HD

Independent Living Postsecondary Goal - IEP Team Decision Assistance Form

The Guideposts for Success: A Framework for Families Preparing Youth for Adulthood

Differences Between High School and College Accommodation for Students with Disabilities

Diploma  Paths

College and Post-Secondary Options Presentation

Tennessee Promise Institutions

Occupational Diploma Information

TN Diploma and Postsecondary Options


Best Laid Plans

Transition - The Best Laid Plans Presentation

Focus Plan of Study

Transition Service Planning Sheet

Transition Goals Worksheet

Credit Acquisition Planning Grid

Credit Audit Workshop and Student Activities Worksheets

Class Registration List

Course of Study Evaluation

Community Outing Inclusion Data Sheet

Positive Transition Planning Practices Survey

STEP Transition Toolkit Links

Evaluation Form - Planning for Success After High School

Parental Permission Form

Pre-Employment Transition Services letter

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