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Dad With Autism Creates Autcraft, a Safe Minecraft Server for Those on the Spectrum

--Article from The Mighty Autism Newsletter - Real People. Real Stories--

When Stuart Duncan started Autcraft, a private Minecraft server for people on the autism spectrum, he had no idea it would become the community it is today. With more than 8,200 members, Autcraft lets children and adults on the autism spectrum play Minecraft in a judgment- and troll-free space.

Autcraft started in 2013 after Duncan noticed parents of children on the spectrum were looking for safe spaces where their children could play the game. “It turned out that their children were being bullied on public servers2 because they behaved a little differently and were easily angered,” Duncan, who goes by the username AutismFather, told The Mighty. “So, having a background in web development and a love for Minecraft, not to mention the fact that I have Asperger’s myself and my oldest son has autism too, I decided to get my own server and give those people a safe place to play.”

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