MartinezSince my son started going to the Clarksville school system, STEP has help me in knowing the right procedures to advocate for him according to the law and apply his rights properly, to be effective in the IEP meetings, working with the system and school staff that works with my son.

STEP has been a blessing in our lives. Otherwise I do not know what I would have done to know how to advocate for my son’s rights. Thank you STEP!

Desde que mi hijo empezó en el sistema escolar de Clarksville, STEP me ha ayudado a seguir los procedimientos correspondientes en base a la ley y derechos para mi hijo a llevar a cabo para seguir las reuniones de íep y poder tener éxito en el sistema escolar en conjunto con el equipo de maestros que trabajan con mi niño. STEP ha sido una bendición para nuestras vidas sin ustedes no se como hubiera hecho para abogar por los derechos en educación para mi niño, muchas gracias STEP.

Belinda Martinez, Parent

Since my first call to STEP, my life got better because I have been attending their meetings, trainings, and have ongoing support from them. 

When I attend STEP meetings, I meet a lot of other family members with the same or similar issues.  I have lots of support from STEP, including their trainings and workshops, which are very helpful  because it has make me stronger and able to be a better advocate to my daughter, when itcomes to her education and decision making.

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Sadia Ashford, Parent

What we do to create a community that includes children and individuals like Victor!

I want you to meet Victor, my oldest son. Victor is 6 years old and was born with Down syndrome. There was no reason to suspect that he would be anything but a happy and healthy baby. Naturally we were surprised by his diagnosis and extremely unprepared for the amazing journey that would follow. Along the way we have been fortunate to receive lots of help from family, friends, and many amazing organizations. However, the training and information we received from STEP (for free) has been essential in helping us advocate for Victor and his needs. Because of STEP, Victor now attends a regular Kindergarten class at a Memphis elementary school. Because of STEP I know his rights and can make sure he receives the services he needs. Because of STEP I am not afraid to stand up for Victor. The most beautiful thing, however—it’s not only about Victor. It’s about everybody else too. Last year, during Thanksgiving, Victor and his classmates had to make a list of things for which they are thankful. One of his classmates wrote: “I am thankful for Victor.” How great is that?

Simone Wilson, Parent
Valerie Carmichael of Parrottsville TN shares the difference STEP has made to her family. Valerie's experience mirrors many families who called feeling hopeless and found STEP to be a connection that changes lives!Watch Now!

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