Celebrate that SUPERHERO we call MOM

STEP knows that moms are the real heroes - facing every day challenges to make sure their children exceed in school and transition into adult life effortlessly. 

Join us in celebrating Tennessee MOMS - because even empowered superheroes need the support STEP provides.

Make a $25 gift today to honor the thousands of moms, grandmothers and caregivers who have used STEP services over the past 25 years to ensure "a brighter future for children with disabilities."

Your gift will ensure that more moms become "empowered" through STEP services as these moms have!  Make THE AVENGERS proud!


“STEP has been an invaluable stepping stone to help me advocate for my son. Without STEP I would not have known what to say or do when I did not feel like the school had my son’s best interests at heart.  I believe that without out the training that I received through STEP, my son would not be receiving the supports and aids he has needed to make the great progress he has made these past few years.” 

-  Tara Mohundro, Memphis

"STEP has saved me and my son’s life.  He graduated with a regular diploma last year...is driving ...and working!  I could not have maneuvered the IEP system without my "Blue Book."

Parent East TN

“I attended every available STEP workshop before my son entered kindergarten.  This was 12 years ago!  At my first school meeting I was told he would never qualify for an IEP.  I followed the training I had received from STEP, called another meeting, and left with an IEP for my son.  He has had an IEP for the past 12 years.  STEP was a Godsend when I needed help, knowledge and empowerment!  Thank you STEP!” 

- Ann Curl, Franklin

“Without STEP, I would feel lost, confused, and much less willing to stand up for my child and their rights.  Thanks to STEP, I feel more confident and know that I can turn to them for help.”

-  Amy Riemann, Clarksville

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