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Tennessee Department of Education's Special Education Director Update

The most recent edition of the Tennessee Department of Education's Special Education Director Update is out.

In this issue...

-- Announcing New Assistant Commissioner

-- Training Opportunity: Five Tips for Avoiding Procedural Violations within Tennessee’s RTI² Framework

-- Medicaid Survey

-- Use of Visual Representations for Math Accommodation

-- Survey: Need for Orientation and Mobility Specialists in TN

-- WIDA Scaffolding Academy

-- Early Learning Model Chapter 3 Registration Open

-- Read to be Ready Year Two: Building the Framework

-- Revisions to Special Courses Policy

-- 2016-17 TRIAD Professional Development and Training Opportunities

Click here for the full update

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About College (DPI Autism Interviews) – YouTube

Thinking about college for your child or students with autism and other developmental disabilities?

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has an amazing series of 400 videos on the topic!

Here's one of our favorite playlists that includes of 14 of those videos.

These videos of students, families, educators, and disability resource center staff at colleges around Wisconsin were collected to provide ideas around how to prepare students with autism and other developmental disabilities for college.

Click here for playlist.

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STEP Team Attends the 2017 Partners in Education (PIE) Conference in Nashville

The STEP Staff participated in the Tennessee Department of Education's 2017 Partners in Education (PIE) Conference in Nashville earlier this month.

Staff attended seminars, networked with other agencies and presented our resources and information to Special Education Teachers and Supervisors across the state.

Pictured: Patricia Valladares at the STEP Booth.

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Supporting the Success of Homeless Children and Youths

Over 1.3 million students in public schools are experiencing homelessness. These are the stories of real homeless youth.  Click here to view.

New provisions under the ESSA help ensure educational rights and protections for homeless children and youth.  Click here to learn more.

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The U.S. Department of Education today made available to the public final regulations under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), aimed at promoting equity by targeting widespread disparities in the treatment of students of color with disabilities.  Click here to read more 

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Civil Rights Reports Spotlight Eight Years of Accomplishments, Lingering Challenges

Protecting our students’ civil rights is fundamental to ensuring they receive a high-quality education. Two reports released today spotlight the challenges and achievements of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR).   

Click here to read more.

Click here to view video.

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What Forgiveness Means to Students

We tell small children that it is okay to make mistakes. We are told to forgive and forget. But our country doesn’t hold to these adages for those convicted of a crime. The revolving door of incarceration and juvenile justice has ensnared many of my students. It’s a hamster wheel that proves very hard to get off of. Poverty, crime, and violence are inextricably linked in the worlds of my students. Click here to read more.

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Protecting Our Muslim Youth from Bullying: The Role of the Educator

Learn about anti-bias & bullying prevention strategies educators can use:…/09/protecting-our-muslim-youth

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Signs a Child is Being Bullied

When it comes to bullying, do you know the warning signs?  

There are many warning signs that may indicate that someone is affected by bullying—either being bullied or bullying others. Recognizing the warning signs is an important first step in taking action against bullying. Not all children who are bullied or are bullying others ask for help.  Click here to read more. 

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White House Report: The Continuing Need To Rethink Discipline

The White House released a new capstone report with updates about projects launched and local progress made in response to the Administration's Rethink Discipline efforts. Rethink Discipline was launched as part of President Barack Obama's My Brothers' Keeper initiative and aims to support all students and promote a welcome and safe climate in schools. Click here to read more.

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